Gig History

7th March 2020           Townhouse, Whitley Bay

28th Feb 2020             George Stephenson, West Moor

21st Feb 2020             Trillians, Newcastle

7th Feb 2020               Blyth & Tyne, Blyth

13th Dec 2019             Penny Gill, Spennymoor

2nd Nov 2019              Tavern, Blyth

28th Sept 2019           The Townhouse, Whitley Bay

20th Sept 2019           Trillians, Newcastle

14th Sept 2019           White Swan, Morpeth

9th Aug 2019               The Station, Killingworth

20th July 2019           Labour Club, Newcastle. (Mayfair Reunion)

14th June 2019           Market Tavern, Bedlington

25th May 2019             The Townhouse, Whitley Bay

11th May 2019             George Stephenson, West Moor

27th April 2019         The Tavern, Blyth

8th Mar 2019               Trillians, Newcastle

23rd Feb 2019             White Swan, Morpeth

2nd Feb 2019               Blyth & Tyne, Blyth

8th Dec 2018               The Tavern, Blyth

16th Nov 2018             Market Tavern, Bedlington

3rd Nov 2018               The Townhouse, Whitley Bay

26th Oct2018               Masons Arms, Blyth

20th Oct 2018              New Hartley Club

28th Sept 2018            Trillians, Newcastle

14th July 2018            The Townhouse, Whitley Bay

11th May 2018              Percy Park Rugby Club, North Shields

5th May 2018                The Tavern, Blyth

20th April 2018          Market Tavern, Bedlington

7th April 2018            George Stephenson, West Moor

6th April 2018            Masons Arms, Blyth

16th Feb 2018              Trillians, Newcastle

16th Dec 2017              Tavern, Blyth

1st Dec 2017                The Star, Newcastle

25th Nov 2017              George Stephenson, Westmoor

17th Nov 2017              Queens Head, Cullercoats

4th Nov 2017                Townhouse, Whitley Bay

21st Oct 2017               Bebside, Blyth

22nd Sept 2017            The Ox Inn, Stanley

8th Sept 2017              Masons Arms, Blyth

22nd Jul 2017              The Ox Inn, Stanley

14th Jul 2017              Clef & Cask, Cramlington

8th Jul 2017                Woodhorn, Ashington

30th Jun 2017              Trillians, Newcastle

17th Jun 2017              Bebside, Blyth

27th May 2017              Townhouse, Whitley Bay

13th May 2017              George Stephenson, Westmoor

5th May 2017                Penny Gill, Spennymoor

29th Apr 2017              The Eagle, Blyth

7th Apr 2017                Clef & Cask, Cramlington

17th Mar 2017              Barrington Arms, Bedlington

24th Feb 2017              Castle Eden Village Hall, Hartlepool

26th Nov 2016              George Stephenson, Westmoor

18th Nov 2016              Tavern, Blyth

22nd Oct 2016              Durham Ox, Coundon

30th Sept 2016             Isabella, Blyth

16th Sept 2016             Barrington Arms, Bedlington

27th Aug 2016               Townhouse, Whitley Bay

14th Aug 2016               Heart of Oak Festival, Causey Park

10th July 2016             Queens Head, Cullercoats

2nd July 2016               Fat Ox, Whitley Bay  

4th June 2016               Backworth Hall

20th May 2016               Working Men's Club, Newton Aycliffe

1st May 2016                 Crookfest

26th March 2016           Tavern, Blyth  

5th Feb 2016                  Fat Ox, Whitley Bay

30th Oct 2015                Trillians, Newcastle                              

10th Oct 2015                Fat Ox, Whitley Bay                                                  

26th Sept 2015              Golden Eagle, Blyth

12th Sept 2015              Bubbles, Ashington

29th August 2015          Masons Arms, Blyth

3rd July 2015                Fat Ox, Whitley Bay

6th June 2015                Tavern, Blyth

10th April 2015            Masons Arms, Blyth